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The Southend Drama Society has entertained audiences across the region with plays and performances of the very highest calibre for 70 years, played by the most talented amateur actors and set by the greatest amateur directors - people with a true passion for the stage.  The Southend Drama Society is more than just an amdram group - it is a place for people to get together, to work hard, and also to be awesome to each other, with a vibrant social calendar to go along with the rehearsals.  And we are always welcome to new members, so don't feel intimidated - come to a meeting today and introduce yourself.  Or just come along to one of our productions and see for yourself - we always welcome your support!


The Southend Drama Society perform a main Summer and Winter play every year, usually at the Dixon Studio in the Palace Theatre, Westclliff - alongside several friends and family fundraising events throughout the year where new actors can get their bearings.  The first three meetings that you go to are free of charge!  We welcome all actors aged from 18 and upwards, and of any level - whether you've had years of experience or if you've never stepped on a stage before, everyone is welcome!  We also welcome people who wish to help out backstage too.


If you wish to make any more inquiries about the Society, please e-mail or contact our secretary Simon Lawler on 07775 439099.  We would love to hear from you!


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